Sharon Smith and Tom Parkinson

We Might As Well Live.

We've been exploring sound - and the effects sound has on the body, and sound as metaphor, as a way of exploring composition, of bodies and space and relationships. It's a bit of this and that - astoundingly crafted, beautifully engaging (if we say so ourselves...) 

“... the strangely beguiling We Might as Well Live, an elusive essay in suspect science in which Sharon Smith guzzles enough cheap plonk to permit Tom Parkinson, her fellow theatrical experimentalist, to cut in two the wiener jutting from between her lips with his whip”. Donald Hutera, The Times, 25th August 2011.

“We Might As Well Live begins with what looks like porridge dancing inside a speaker thumping out thick bass, and the piece unfolds as an exploration of sound, movement and space. Performers, Sharon Smith and Tom Parkinson play around with wine glasses, a guitar, comb kazoos and a whip and their monologues are weird and wonderful tangents of curious facts”. Tim Cornwell and Catriona MacLeod, The Scotsman, 25th August 2011. 

Supported by The Arts Council England and Battersea Arts Centre, London. Made in Laban, Shunt and Battersea Arts Centre.



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